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In today’s fast-paced world we are longing for opportunities to slow down and recharge. These trips are all about you.

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The appeal of wellness travel has been on the rise for close to a decade and, no doubt,  the pandemic will further accelerate this interest.

Wellness travel encompasses physical, mental and social well being, as well as spiritual health.

Recognizing wellness is more of a mindset than a price point, wellness travel might encompass a week-long escape at a high-end spa facility or simply a moderately priced property with access to healthy food options, and nearby outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or fitness activities.

Wellness travel is all about balance

  • slow travel, with more time spent in peaceful accommodations in awe-inspiring destinations allowing you to relax and connect
  • Participate in rejuvenating activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming
  • Witness or participate in local authentic rituals allowing you to connect with the culture of the destination.
  • Healthy food experiences
  • Spa treatments, massage
  • yoga, meditation, mindfulness, intention setting, and breathwork

Return home feeling better than when you left when you incorporate wellness into your travel itinerary.

Rejuvenating Itineraries

Wellness Bali

10 days in Bali
From $1949 CAD/person

Enter the tropical wonderland of Bali, long a beacon to travellers in search of uncovering their spiritual side.

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Wellness Costa Rica

8 days in Costa Rica
From $2279 CAD/person

Simply say “Costa Rica” and vivid images of paradise instantly flood the imagination.  You’ll be treated to a world of wellness, with yoga sessions overlooking the Arenal Volcano, hiking, free time for meditation, and a rejuvenating trip to thermal hot springs.

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