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Ocean Cruising

Set sail on the open seas, traveling to and from exotic destinations. 

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About Ocean Cruising

More bang for your buck.

The all inclusive nature of cruising means that almost everything is built in – transportation, lodging, meals, entertainment and some cruise lines even include airfare in their packaging. Onboard entertainment with Broadway calibre shows, thrilling activities like rock climbing, go cart racing, sky-diving simulators are just a few of the inclusions across the various cruise lines.

Begin relaxing as soon as you’re booked.

Planning a vacation itinerary can be an additional source of stress. Cruising takes the guesswork out of the planning process—all you have to do is choose a cruise itinerary and which cabin you want and you’re off! Cruises offer guests agendas and tours that have been thoroughly prepared by experts, meaning you don’t have to spend hours researching what to do.

Unpack once.

Explore many destinations. Forget lugging your suitcase through train stations and over cobblestone streets. Unpack once and your only worry is what to wear. Cruising gives you a chance to truly turn your mind off—no unpacking and repacking as you navigate travel between destinations.

Make the Most of your Vacation time.

When vacation time is limited, cruising is a great way to maximize this precious time. No worries about missed connections, delays or other transportation issues with trains, planes or automobiles. Instead you can unwind on the ship as you’re sailing off to the next destination.

Experience the Destinations.

Travellers today seek authentic destination immersion—no one wants to feel like they only visited the “touristy” spots. With many cruise lines extending time in port and some offering overnight stays, cruisers are embracing these opportunities to immerse themselves in the destinations. If you choose the right cruise line, you can indeed experience authenticity.

Go Exotic without the Worry.

Cruising is one of the easiest ways to see exotic foreign destinations. It removes obstacles that can often make international vacation planning complicated—you no longer need to worry about visas, customs, transportation, or language barriers. Cruises also offer seamless transportation from the ship to your destination, and English-speaking tour guides are always available on excursions. While cruising may be a bit less authentic than traveling on your own, its perks more than make up for it—especially for those who wouldn’t otherwise have the time or budget visit certain places.

See the World.

Why choose just one city on your bucket list? Cruising allows you to visit several destinations in one trip, albeit for a shorter period of time. Cruising allows you to experience a taste, allowing you to make informed decisions of where you would like to return to for a longer period of time.