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Expedition Cruising

Wherever you go becomes part of you.

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About Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruising is a different style of holiday than traditional ocean cruising.

Don’t expect to kick back by a pool with a slushy drink – rather, the expedition experience is all about getting off the ship to explore the rich culture and natural histories as interpreted by expert guides and lecturers.

Onboard you’ll enjoy lectures by naturalists and scientists whose expertise ranges from photography to marine biology, from bird life to geology and from geopolitics to exploration and climate change.

The Ships are smaller designed specifically for navigating through fjords and polar waters

Expedition cruising involves smaller vessels, usually accommodating no more than 200 guests, and offering adventurous itineraries, taking you to remote, tiny villages and settlements, often through narrow fjords and channels.

Many of these specially designed ships have reinforced hulls for sailing in icy waters, and offering breathtaking nature-based experiences in the remote corners of the world.

Experiences with nature

Expedition ships carry a number of Zodiacs which are sturdy boats carrying about 12 people.  These zodiacs allow you to explore on the shore or tour the coastline to gain different perspectives on the landscape or wildlife, while others will head to a particular spot for deep sea fishing, snorkelling or diving.  With good weather, you can expect two or three landings or other activities per day.

Cruising between landings can provide some of the most amazing voyage highlights including breath-taking scenery, pack ice, whales breaching, seals basking on the rocks or bears fishing on the shores.

This ability to get off the beaten path and avoid overcrowded shore landings means you have a more authentic experience.


In polar regions, the itinerary has built in flexibility since all activities and sightseeing is weather and ice dependent.  Passengers are reminded that it is quite common for completely unscheduled landings to take place in fallback planning.  The same exists for expedition cruises in tropical waters.


Expedition cruise lines lead the way in sustainability initiatives and are profoundly committed to environmentally responsible tourism.  Protecting the places they visit to ensure they can continue to introduce travellers to spectacular beauty of the polar wilderness.

Some of the expedition cruise lines have been around for more than 100 years, and explore regions around the world including Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica.  Others are relatively new to the game (early 1990s) and include itineraries in Canadian High Arctic, Alaska, Russian High Arctic, Patagonia, Australia’s Kimberly Coast, the Galapagos and more.

What draws people to expedition cruising? 

Some are enticed by the itinerary because of the scenery, the wildlife, history or the opportunity to visit isolated communities.  You might be looking for wilderness or a tropical deserted island or encounters with people far removed from the western world.

Expeditions entice people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Many will have saved up for a holiday of a lifetime and others will be working through their bucket list.  A common thread is the similar mindset, a spirit of adventure and a wish to be immerse and involved along with a driving excitement about sharing the experiences of the day.

If expedition cruising interests you, let me help you navigate the waters and help you choose the right itinerary, destination and cruise line that suits your tastes and budget.