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Cruising is one of the most cost-effective ways to visit multiple exotic or hard to reach destinations on one trip without the hassle of packing & unpacking or worrying about coordinating transportation or accommodations.

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Ocean Cruising

There are hundreds of cruises to choose from so how do you choose the right cruise line & itinerary?

An accredited cruise counsellor can educate you on the differences between the various cruise lines and will ask the right questions, narrowing down the choices to match you with the best option to suit your style and budget.

First-time cruisers will benefit from the guidance of an experienced cruise counsellor. Experienced cruisers have a better idea of their preferences and can benefit from the advisor’s industry connections and knowledge of special offers from preferred partners.

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River Cruising

Instead of sailing across the open water to warm-weather getaways, these trips take a different route through inland waterways to spots that are very different than the widely-visited Caribbean ports.

On smaller ships, 100 to 200 passengers, they are able to get into the heart of cities. Ocean cruises take you TO a country whereas a river cruise takes you THROUGH the country.

With river cruising growing faster than any other type of travel, it’s easy to be confused by all the different cruise companies and itineraries. Would you like to know which cruise is best suited for you or why some companies are better on certain rivers than others?

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Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruising is a different style of holiday than traditional ocean cruising.

Don’t expect to kick back by a pool with a slushy drink – rather, the expedition experience is all about getting off the ship to explore the rich culture and natural histories as interpreted by expert guides and lecturers.

Onboard you’ll enjoy lectures by naturalists and scientists whose expertise ranges from photography to marine biology, from bird life to geology and from geopolitics to exploration and climate change.

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