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I'm Kathylynne, Your Certified Travel Consultant

Since planning my first family vacation several years ago I was hooked! I love researching to find the best travel options for my budget while satisfying my craving for adventure and exploring the world.

My portfolio is always expanding and now includes clients from across Canada and United States.

My goal is to treat your vacation with the same care and attention as if it were my own, and to guide you through the process, eliminating the stress and overwhelm associated with planning complex itineraries.

While I haven’t travelled everywhere, I can draw from the experiences of more than 900 colleagues within my agency affiliation and from the hundreds of trusted supplier partners around the globe. I am well connected in the travel industry and through these partnerships, I am able to treat you to VIP experiences.

When you find a package or offer online, I can usually offer the same product (or better) at the same price (or lower), while providing personal service far exceeding that of any online booking engine or call center reservation agent to whom you are merely another transaction.

As your dedicated professional travel consultant, I am trustworthy and reliable.  You can count on me to be available before, during and after your travel to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

Working with a travel professional  saves you valuable time and allows you to maximize your budget and benefit from extra perks offered through my agency’s network of preferred partnerships with suppliers, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, and destination management companies.

You will continue enjoying your vacation while I troubleshoot any issues that can occur along the way.   I am your advocate and I personally care about you and want you to have the best travel experience possible.

Experience In Numbers

  • 12+ years as a Certified Travel Consultant
  • 40 countries visited
  • 5 years as Accredited Cruise Counsellor
  • 25 cruise ships sailed on or toured as part of the accreditation process
  • 100+ airports navigated through
  • 900+ travel advisors in my affiliation network to draw experience and knowledge

Certifications & Memberships